Feeling stuck in your career?

Create your own "Escape Plan".

An 8 step course to help lawyers around the world escape their career rut and take back control of their lives.

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Over 30% of lawyers feel unhappy and unsatisfied by their present role.

A.k.a “Stuck in a rut”!

For lots of reasons we felt the same way and for years we’ve been helping others escape to something better. Since launching Beyond Billables it’s been our mission to help lawyers like you have better careers and better lives. That's why we created "The Escape Plan", to help lawyers around the world be empowered to make change in their career and life. 

Leaving your old "rut" behind is totally doable.

We’ve designed “The Escape Plan” to help empower you to make change holistically, and give you the confidence to make it where it matters. We’re not interested in boring old school approaches, we’re here to help you take back control in all parts of your life and create a plan for future success.

Want to check out the materials before committing? Drop us your details and we'll give you a sneak peek.

Sneak peek

No more “I’m stuck and there's no way out”.  

It's horrible feeling stuck, so we decided to do something about it. The Escape Plan is designed to give you the tools and tactics to improve your career and life while providing our personal help for those who want it.

And did we mention, it's less than 50 cents a day!!


The beyond billables ingredients.

  • You get an actual escape plan! It’s not just a “program”. It is your way out. Create your own structured plan and make the change you want in your career and life. Whether the changes you make are big or small, the plan will be a reference point well into the future for improving your career. 
  • 12 months access. Do it in 8 weeks, or in 12 months, whatever works for your busy schedule. The first 8 modules are released every week and then you have unlimited access.
  • 8 Weekly topics with a different focus including slides, videos, audio, podcasts and downloads.
  • Workbooks and ebooks to help you action your plan.
  • Discounts to our events, coaching and mentoring.

Want to check it out first?

Get a free 24 hour "sneak peek" to check out The Escape Plan. Click through, sign in and get access to the introduction and first week of the plan completely free. If you want to continue with the plan you can then sign up.

The Escape Plan

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All 8 of the escape plan work books to craft your own escape.

365 days access.

Alternative careers for lawyers ebook, CV preparation guide, LinkedIn guide and numerous bonus materials and webinars.




One payment

8 Weekly Modules with hours of audio, video, podcasts + materials.

Listen or watch on the go in your own time.

365 days access.

Alternative careers for lawyers ebook, CV preparation guide, LinkedIn guide and numerous bonus materials and webinars.

Discounts on our events.

Upgrade to coaching if you need it.



$216 a month


3 x 1 on 1 Coaching and mentoring sessions with Mike or Maciek.

Discovery Call and ongoing support.

8 Weekly Modules + Materials.

365 days access.

Alternative careers for lawyers ebook, CV preparation guide, LinkedIn guide and numerous bonus materials and webinars.

Discounts on our events.


Bonus Extras

For everyone doing the "Escape Online Full Course" not only do you get all the materials, but we'll throw in all these extras as well!

  • A big 5 personality test and assessment.
  • Our “Alternative Careers For lawyers” ebook completely free. It's 40 pages of great options, stories and podcasts so you can deep dive into alternatives.
  • A comprehensive linkedin guide for lawyers to help you create your very own standout profile.
  • A detailed CV preparation guide sharing our 25+ years of wisdom crafting great cv's.
  • A 45 minute bonus webinar on how to make 7 key changes to improve your career.
  • The 102 ways to live beyond billables download.
  • Our Legal Technology for lawyers comprehensive guide.
  • A video meditation guide to give you an intro to meditation and help clear out those mental cobwebs.

Love the details?

Here's a peak into each week.

Week 1 – In week one we work out how we got into this mess, why we want to get out of it, and how we can start making that change.  It’s all about understanding your strengths and starting to see the world as a place where you create value.  We’ll do a lot of work on what drives us individually, the decisions we’ve made to get us here, and how we need to approach change in the way that is best for us.

Week 2 – Without looking after your health what point is there in making change?  A holistic approach to change means making sure your body and mind are looked after as much as your bank balance.  This week we go into why being healthy is important for getting ahead, how you can improve your overall wellbeing, and strategies we have used to make it happen.  For us “health” doesn’t end on the treadmill (actually it doesn’t start there either), it’s all about making sure your mind and body are looked after, so as well as discussing the physical side, we’ve got a special meditation component in the learning to give you insight into how you can use it in your life to find balance and confidence.

Week 3 – Want to know why some people always seem to get the breaks?  This week we’ll go into the power of attracting opportunity, how you put yourself in positions for opportunities to come to you, and how you leverage them.  This week will be a complete eye opener to just how powerful “being in the room” can be, and tactics you can implement in your life to make that happen.

Week 4 – Mindset is absolutely critical to making big change, so this week we delve into practical ways to start seeing the world differently so you can beat the competition.  We cover a lot of ground not just mentally but practically in looking at the future of work and technology and how you can set yourself apart by being ahead of the game.

Week 5- Knowing something else is out there is hugely empowering.  It’s all well and good to have a grand plan, but you have to know what your options are to execute on it.  This week we go into detail on over 30 different realistic career options, share stories on successful people who have made them, and help you build your plan so you have a clear direction.

Week 6 – We love a good time hack, and this week is chock full of hacks, tips, and exercises to help you unlock more time to do things you love.  How is this important to the plan?  Well what point is there making your escape unless it is to something better?  Unlocking time, refocusing on what is important, and creating a life that delivers on what you want are all critical parts to your plan creation and execution.

Week 7 – This week is all about how we tap into our network to make change happen.  It’s a practical opportunity to start to build the connections both within the group and externally to bring about your escape plan end game. 

Week 8 – The final week is all about ACTION! We’ll spend the week putting the finishing touches on your plan, help you create short, medium and long term goals to put the plan into action, and provide our personal advice on how you make it happen. We’ll give you the support and backing to start making the change you want, whatever that is, so you finish with your plan.

Why us?

  • We’ve been you!  We’ve lived and breathed the anxiety, pressure and self doubt when we made changes as lawyers, employees and business owners.  We made it work and can teach you how (and help you avoid the pitfalls)!
  • We love helping lawyers and have helped hundreds with careers since 2005.  We don’t say this lightly, but you have to love it to spend an entire year making hundreds of hours of free podcasts, blog posts, videos and everything in between to help lawyers have better careers.  For us it’s personal.

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