We help innovative teams and the people that lead them.

Digital marketing & strategy for the new breed of legal business.

Is that you?

Can you relate?

  • I'm not sure how to win more work. 
  • I'd love more referrals, but can't attract them.
  • I get little support when making tough decisions.
  • I know a great digital presence is valuable but I'm struggling to implement it.
  • I'm willing to invest in my business, but don't know where to start.
  • I don't have time to do everything myself!

If so, we're here to help.

Join a select group of clients that use us as their outsourced business development, new media and strategy service. We'll help you attract more work, future proof with innovation, and achieve your personal ambitions.

How do we do it?

The Beyond Billables three step process.

Step 1 - A free call and consultation (because for us, everything starts with a conversation).

Step 2 - Is our Strategy & Insight Package to give you clarity and a plan to grow your referral sources and use content and social media marketing to attract more clients. We'll meet for multiple consulting sessions including a 2 hour social media and content kickstarter and create a comprehensive plan with everything you need to help you grow your business.

Step 3 - For anyone who needs ongoing help we'll work with you to implement your plan. Content creation, social media marketing and our ongoing support to help you grow your practice.  

We created this process to help clients like these achieve their business goals

So, how does it work?

We provide strategy & insight to grow your business.

Building a strong business takes precision, insight and planning. We work with you to tackle all your biggest issues and create a strategic plan to overcome them. From growing client referrals to implementing new processes we help you navigate the important steps to grow a successful practice. Our comprehensive Strategy & Insight package gives you everything you need to take action now.

We build your profile with new media content to attract more work.

Building a sustainable practice means having sufficient sources of work, both with your online presence and through referrals. With great content, focus on leveraging networks and a multi-channel digital marketing strategy we grow your profile and help you attract more work. It all starts with our comprehensive Strategy & Insight package and ongoing help for those who need it. 


"BB are the ultimate connectors. We have expanded our freelance network, we have been introduced to people on the front line of innovation, we have referred work through our association with BB and we have made tremendous friends"

Janelle Kerrisk
Founder - Helix Legal

""I thoroughly recommend BB if you are looking for a change agent, or you need help to achieve your goals, in life and at work""

Claire Bibby
Senior Lawyer and Non-Executive Director

We help you innovate and future proof your practice. 

From implementing digital strategies, helping you develop new client offerings, crafting a suit of digital content and assets, or delivering you quantifiable and measurable results we work together to future proof your practice. 


We support you when you need it.

For many practitioners the lack of personal support makes practice difficult.  Whether we are helping you work towards a set goal, providing accountability if you need it, or helping you test ideas, we can be your trusted sounding board. Only need the Strategy & Insight package? That's fine, but we're here  to help on an ongoing basis as well should you need it. 

Let's organise a coffee

Losing sleep over winning work?


Download the 7 Law Firm Marketing Mistakes (and how to fix them).

Love the details?

We're not your normal marketing agency. We do strategy, we make content, and we'll help you build your profile. However our approach is far more holistic and encompasses all aspects of attracting work both online and through relationships. We deliver our services in three steps outlined below in detail.

The first step in growing your business is to meet and discuss how we can help. We'll introduce the range of our services and give you insight into the opportunities that exist for your business. Our first meeting is completely free. 


It's an industry first (dare we say world first!) four weeks of insight, strategy and planning that delivers on your ambitions.  With two multi hour sessions and a comprehensive plan we'll give you everything you need to take your practice forward.  How does it work?


Step 1 - Practice Insight Session (120 minutes)

First, we need to get to know your business, your goals and your ambitions. We'll sit down and discuss what you do well, what you don't do well, what priorities you can set and what you need help with. We'll look at where your clients come from, how you win work, your client on-boarding process, your competitors, and your place in the market. basically, we'll do a deep dive into your business to see what is working and start to discuss how you can make improvements.

Whether it's ways to improve your referral pipeline, or be more valued by your clients, we'll give you real ideas you can action. This session will involve significant goal and priority setting and lots of discussing different approaches to growing your brand. We'll discuss and ideate around your referral pipelines, on boarding process, how you can be more valued by your clients, and how you can stand out from competitors (amongst many other things!).

Step 2 - Social media marketing kickstarter (120 minutes)

A proper social and digital marketing deep dive. This session will provide insight into growing your profile, what resources to use, and what works. We are experts in social media and content marketing and will share our experience in building a national brand with you. We'll discuss your clients, the content you make, what works, and where you should start to invest your time. Our approach is focused on helping you create value for clients (and be more valued) and working out how you can differentiate yourself from competitors. We'll cover Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram in depth and chat about both organic and advertising options across all platforms. Finding the right voice and engaging the right clients, the right way on each platform is crucial. In addition to this if we feel it can add value to your business we can organise a free SEO and Google Ad words session with our partners Web3.

Step 3 - A comprehensive plan to grow your practice. 

Finally we'll provide you with a comprehensive marketing, social and content plan for you to action. The plan is set out to give you specific and actionable steps that you can take to win more work and grow your referral pipeline. The plan generally takes 2 weeks to compile after our last session. It will cover

    • Our advice on your messaging and how you can stand out as a trusted expert.
    • What social media channels to focus on and the type of content you should be creating for each to engage with the right clients.
    • A comprehensive overview of your current social media and referral strategy.
    • A competitor analysis to see what they do well and what they don't to recognise holes to take advantage of.
    • An outline of over a dozen different pieces of blog or other content you can get started with right away. This will include specific topics and blog article outlines you can action right away.
    • A client newsletter strategy
    • Lead generation options to grow your client and email marketing lists.
    • Advice on improving your client engagement process.
    • Actionable steps to build your referral base.

Book in a call and let's meet to answer your questions. 

We aren't just your average digital marketing agency. For us this is personal. We invest in the profession and in each of our clients to help everyone have the careers and lives they aspire to. If that's not your scene that is cool, we can still help with strategy and content. But, if you want a sounding board, or more structured help attaining your goals in and outside work, we're here to help. 

For some clients they already have big projects like events, new client services, technology implementation or retention efforts that we support with. 

If you want to start a podcast, record audio updates for clients, get more leads, organise webinars, want help getting events together.. we can be a central point to make it happen. 

Well no.. but that's not the entire answer! Every one of our clients goes through the same process. However...if you already know you need more ongoing help, we'll incorporate the process into getting that started. 

Small firms, boutique firms, designer firms, new law firms, sole practitioners, legal technology startups, legal services companies.. and teams of up to 5 partners. 

Geography is no barrier. We regularly travel and consult via skype / hangouts. We've run an international business across 30 countries for 13 years.. no matter where your practice is we can help.

Yes. The point of the Strategy & Insight package is to open your eyes to what you need and give you the option to choose. As they say 'you don't know what you don't know", but we can help you get there. 

We aren't just your average digital marketing agency. For us this is personal. We invest in the profession and in each of our clients to help everyone have the careers and lives they aspire to. If that's not your scene that is cool, we can still help with strategy and content. But, if you want a sounding board, or more structured help attaining your goals in and outside work, we're here to help. 


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